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ATR Upcoming Events - 2022

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ATR Clinical MSK Palpation Course - Upper Limb

11-12 June 2022

London, UK


OMT International Diploma in Medical Acupuncture

8-9 October 2022

Athens, Greece


ATR Clinical MSK Palpation Course - Lower Limb

12-13 November 2022

London, UK


About us

ATR - Healthcare Training is a high quality healthcare training provider, organising and delivering courses in musculoskeletal medicine for healthcare professionals.

ATR has a dedicated team of lecturers and tutors who have many years of experience practising musculoskeletal medicine in a wide spectrum of settings including private medical clinics and hospitals, NHS, and medical staff in professional football.

Our committed and highly experienced team ensures the provision of evidence-based practice education, and a stimulating environment and learning experience to our students.

ATR Courses

If you are a healthcare professional and looking for a new skill or to refresh an existing one, our courses are just for you.​

See our range of courses in different countries below.

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